Lennon (Single for Japan)

by Adam Sullivan

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This weekend I leave to go play some shows in Japan for the next couple of weeks. In light of the devastation that they have seen over the past several months, I thought I'd like to try to do a few things to raise some money for Red Cross relief efforts there. This single is free, but you can donate money if you'd like. 100% of all profits from this song will be donated to Red Cross Japan.

So, I met my first love when I was 17 years old. She was a Japanese girl in the US for a summer exchange program. I knew absolutely no Japanese, and her English was just coming along - so we spent most of our time thumbing through an English/Japanese dictionary. But we fell in love in a way you only can when you're young. Perhaps it's a naive love, but it's love nonetheless.

She was only here for several weeks, and then she had to go back to Japan. We wrote letters every day for months. Once a week, I'd wake up at 4am to call her after she got home from school (around 5pm or so in Yokohama). We eventually moved on to other relationships, but we remain the best of friends to this day. In fact, the picture of me used for the artwork was actually taken by her last year in Osaka.

I wrote this song a few weeks after she left and promptly recorded a punk rock version - because that's what you do when you're 17. I thought it would be fun to revisit the song - over a decade later - as a way to help raise funds to help those in need over in Japan. Again, you download the tune for however much you want to pay. That amount can be $0, and as this is a free download, that is perfectly fine! However, if you like the song, help me raise a few dollars. Every little bit counts!


released June 27, 2011



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